2011 Fall CA Board Elections
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Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Thursday, 08 September 2011 00:00

As you know, we support Steve Brown and Tom Pollihan in the 2011 LSL CA Board of Directors election.  But we've also been asked what we think of the other candidates in this election.  Here is our answer. 

The two other candidates who remain in this election, Pearson Buell and Tracy Mongoven, are long standing supporters of Mr. Greg Jones and will no doubt continue with the policies he believed in. As such, we are confident that they will oppose any meaningful effort to shift power away from the Board and back to the members. Why?  The positions they have already taken publicly speak loud and clear:

  1. Both candidates went ON RECORD in the December 19, 2009 edition of Newstime (available at the Newstime office) urging all CA members to vote against every single bylaw change proposed. If you will recall, the CLSLCM urged members to get educated on the issues and make their own decision. But with their support of this article, candidates Buell and Mongoven have went ON RECORD with the other signatories as having the following positions (2009 ballot text as submitted to the CA):
    • AGAINST election reform that would prevent the mailing of ballots before both sides of an issue are given the chance to communicate with members about the issues, and to mail impartial ballots not endorsing any particular position.
    • AGAINST requirement of public visibility and member input when rules are changed or variances are granted to certain rules.
    • AGAINST prohibiting the Board of Directors from amending the text of the Bylaws without a vote of the members in accordance with Missouri Law.
    • AGAINST limits on the Board to incur new debt without transparency or consent of the members.
    • AGAINST limits on purchase of Real Estate or Capital in excess of $500,000 (Edgewater Point) without a vote of the membership. (Contrary to propaganda, dredging would not have been included in this limit.)
    • AGAINST prohibiting the Board of Directors from purchasing real estate unless the purchase and a specific maximum cost was first approved by the members.
    • AGAINST following Missouri Law when determining whether the Board of Directors should be indemnified by its members. (This means they feel it should remain as it is now, where the Board can indemnify itself for virtually any transgression.)        
  2. According to the March 6, 2008 minutes of the Lake St Louis City Planning and Zoning Commission, "Alderman Buell made a motion to recommend approval to the Board of Aldermen for the Zoning Amendment for Edgewater Point Condominiums."  He helped start the Edgewater Point fiasco which triggered a public outcry and subsequent lawsuit against the city that only ended with the LSL CA paying the bill for the city's mistake by purchasing the property for the excessive amount of $750,000.  Mr. Buell's track record at reading the pulse of his constituents is apparently equivalent to his associate, Mr. Jones.  
  3. Mr. Buell was one of the several associates of Mr. Jones who showed up uninvited to our Picnic Planning meeting for 2009 BOD election campaign supporters on October 15, 2009 and angrily disrupted it, making clear his opposition to us and the Bylaws election in general even though 1/3 of the CA members had signed the petition causing it.  At this time, negotiations with the Board on the ballot text had just started and the Board had not yet hijacked the election with their own ballot.  The angry disruption at this meeting was an early unsuccessful attempt to intimidate us into backing down.

With these positions, goals, and long standing support of past CA Board President Greg Jones, we must adamantly oppose these candidates.

Answers to 2011 Comm Meeting Questions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Wednesday, 24 August 2011 21:14

Please note that the questions are printed here exactly as asked from the residents present at the meeting.  However, the answers here may not match the answers given at the meeting.  These answers are intended to be more complete.

1. "Last year I had a question about this group’s position on what the Edgewater property was worth and I didn’t get a clear answer.  So I’d like to know what facts or data this group has to back up the fact that you believe we paid too much for that property." - Steve Burke

As stated at our meeting on August 9th, a report on what we found in regards to Edgewater Point would be released later in the month (August 2011).  This report is now available here.

2. "In your mission statement you said that to be in tune with your membership is one of the ideals of this group.  And I was wondering is it the position of this group that with 3 ex members on the board and the possibility of 2 more that you are truly in tune with the membership and the members of LSL?" - Mike Crowel (sp?) 

First, let us state that only one person on the LSL CA Board of Directors was previously a member of the CLSLCM and that was Jerry Knott.  While we also supported Wayne Walkenhorst, Joan Tobin, and Faye Johnston, they have never been members of our organization and the same holds true to the candidates we support this year.   Steve Brown and Tom Pollihan are not members of the CLSLCM.

The LSL CA and the CLSLCM have (or should have) similar goals.  It is the purpose of both organizations to represent the CA membership.  However, since our creation until now it has been necessary to supplement this representation because it was seriously lacking in the Board.  That is why we are here.  We have seen and experienced the leadership of the past Board of Directors being more about keeping people out of the process than bringing them in.  We’ve explained our reasoning many times throughout this website and there’s no shortage of examples.  We do acknowledge that some past Board members have tried but regretfully even those have too often capitulated to will of the Board’s President, Greg Jones.

We believe the defeat of the Board’s spending campaign by 93% and the defeat of the incumbent Board members by a 2-1 margin in recent elections clearly demonstrated that the membership does not feel the previous Board of Directors led by Greg Jones represented them.  With your help next month, that era is almost over.

 The current Board of Directors as well as the Concerned Members strive to represent the whole of its membership.  Is either perfect?  No, nor will they ever be.  It is a goal that requires effort and it means consistently seeking to represent the interests of the whole of the membership, not just a subset.  We believe the new Board is capable of doing that.  The old Board was not.

3. "I was wondering if this group was willing to pledge an anti-mudslinging campaign for the election this year?" - Mike Crowel(SP?)

The term “mudslinging” is used in a variety of ways in the media.  Some people think it means to use personal attacks.  Others think it means to make unfounded accusations.  Still others consider any negative statements, even those about an incumbent’s record mudslinging.  We will use this definition from www.yourdictionary.com:

“the practice of making unscrupulous, malicious attacks against an opponent, as in a political campaign”

We do not believe our actions rise to this definition.  We carefully consider what we say and how it is said when speaking about those we hope to remove from office this year.  Many times we have toiled over wording so that we say what we need to say, expose what we need to expose, without going farther than necessary.  We have been scrupulous in our criticism, refusing to publish information we couldn’t verify.  This is part of the reason for our approval process.  Our objective is not malice, it is restoration of the member’s voice and removal of the previous Board from office.  We have seen one of the men up for reelection this year continue to be a disruptive manipulative force despite multiple opportunities provided to change.  Multiple times we have tried to give the benefit of the doubt to reduce the level of conflict only to have lived to regret it later.  The other incumbent simply follows his lead. We are dedicated to removing these individuals from office but we take care not to be more negative than necessary.  Therefore we do not feel our criticism of the incumbents in past elections has risen to the level of mudslinging nor will it in this election, at least from us.

However, mudslinging has occurred from other sources in recent LSL CA campaigns.  During the 2009 Bylaws Election, the employers of two of our officers were contacted and urged to stop their employees’ personal involvement in our group in an attempt to intimidate us.  Jerry Knott was the victim of personal attacks and accusations during his campaign last year by the former LSLCA President, accusations which Mr. Jones later had to publicly recant.  We believe these attacks were malicious and therefore do condemn this kind of activity as mudslinging.

4. "Nobody’s been to my house.  [How can you say you represent all the CA membership?]" - Jacki Swartz

We checked with the volunteer assigned to that area and the residence in question was covered.  Its unfortunate the resident didn’t get an opportunity to speak with you.

We try to represent the majority of the CA membership, as the Board should be doing.  We do not claim to be consistently successful in this regard for everyone.  There are some in this community that are against us and everything we stand for.  We know these people don’t feel we represent them and probably never will but we’ll still try.  We do feel we have done a better job than the previous Board did.

5. "If we need help, how do we go about getting this word out to the public other than what we’re already doing?" - Bob Cutt

Over the years, many residents we’ve talked to have felt intimidated by the Board and their supporters to the point that they’ve thought no one is listening.  Even now, the CLSLCM has a large amount of supporters who demonstrate in various ways that they are with us but are afraid to speak up and be counted in public or even in their circle of friends.  While we respect that, you must understand that this makes our job more difficult. 

In finally uprooting an entrenched leadership and making it answerable to you, we’ve provided you with an opportunity.  It is time for you to speak up and be counted.  You don’t have to join our group to do this.  Defend your CA as an inclusive place and make it that way.  Come to Board meetings and come to Committee meetings.  Learn how you can become involved and do it.  If you do encounter remnants of the old regime trying to keep you out or quiet, tell us and we’ll try to help. 

So, you can help by standing up, telling people what you believe without reservation and doing it.  If you’re looking for something more specific or are interested in helping us or the candidates in this election, visit our How You Can Help in this election page.  

Please Support These Candidates for the LSLCA Board of Directors PDF Print E-mail
Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Thursday, 18 August 2011 00:00

Steve Brown

Tom Pollihan

[Click on name to download resume]

At our 2nd Annual Communication Meeting on August 9th, the Concerned LSL Community Members announced our intention to support two candidates this fall.  We believe they are both highly qualified and we are honored to support them.  We endorse Steve Brown and Tom Pollihan because we have confidence that they believe in and will act in accordance with the ideals of our mission statement and won't be easily bullied into following the path of least resistance instead of the wishes of the majority of the CA's members.

Through their past involvement in service to their country and community, both Steve and Tom have demonstrated through word and action that they will Support Members' Rights, Promote Transparency, and Encourage CA Awareness & Involvement which are the basic tenants of our Vision and Mission Statement.  We invite you to click on the link above their pictures to download more information about them

If you would like to meet with and/or help either Steve or Tom, you can email Steve or email Tom via this website to talk, offer your time, or to arrange a donation directly to the candidate's campaign if you like.

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Meet the Candidates Night on September 7th PDF Print E-mail
Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 22:22

The CLSLCM is pleased to announce that the Lake St Louis Ambassadors will be sponsoring their annual "Meet the Candidates Night" for LSL CA Board of Director candidates on September 7th at 7:00pm at the CA clubhouse.  In the past, this event occurred in late September which was weeks after the ballots were mailed but for the first time THIS year, it will occur BEFORE the ballots are mailed. 

This change allows more members to learn more about the candidates before they vote and the Concerned LSL Community Members are very pleased to hear of this decision.  We encourage all CA members to attend this important opportunity. 

This year the CLSLCM endorses residents Steve Brown and Tom Pollihan.  We hope you will come and hear what they have to say.

2nd Annual Communication Meeting Report - Complete PDF Print E-mail
Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 22:03

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting!  While we're sorry a few people had to stand, we're so grateful for the attendance.  It shows your devotion to the great place in which we live.  The basic meeting information is listed below including the complete text of the President's speech.  Other items will be added later.

  1. Meeting Agenda & Contact Information

  2. Mission Statement (complete)

  3. CLSLCM, Inc - Message and Meeting Outline

  4. Handout from Doug Johnston's financial review

  5. Candidate Resume:  Steve Brown

  6. Candidate Resume: Tom Pollihan

  7. Download Car Banner to support Steve & Tom!!!


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