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Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Thursday, 25 March 2010 21:04

Our vision (aka "Secret Agenda") is a LSL CA Board of Directors and government who:

  1. Operates free of Political or Special Interest Bias

  2. Voluntarily complies with Missouri Sunshine Laws

  3. Promotes a policy of openness

  4. Encourages an environment for constructive feedback at meetings

  5. Utilizes Democratic Processes

  6. Voluntarily Complies with all applicable Missouri Laws and Statues

  7. Assures the Economical Viability of Member Assets

  8. Respects and Encourages an "Active" Membership

This and our Mission Statement are what we are about and what unites us.  They are goals any LSL CA Board of Directors, any member of a Committee, any CA member, any member of a free society should have.  However, the leadership of the Board of Directors actively opposed several aspects of this vision until the 2010 Board Elections when the leadership finally started to change.

Our “Special Interest Bias” is to help ensure that special interest biases, such as those in control of the Board in 2009, do not dominate the LSL CA again.  Therefore, we will actively oppose those who want to see a return to the Board of 2009