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Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 00:00

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting!  Our apologies for scheduling the meeting the same night as Republican National Convention and the LSL CA Board of Directors meeting.  We had no choice this year due to conflicting schedules.  The basic meeting information is listed below including the complete text of the President's speech.  Other items will be added later.

  1. Mission Statement (complete)

  2. CLSLCM, Inc - Message and Meeting Outline

  3. Handout from Doug Johnston's financial review

  4. Candidate Resume:  Wayne Walkenhorst

  5. Candidate Resume:  Ed Hickey

  6. Download Car Banner to support Wayne & Ed!!!


Answers to Questions

1. Mr. Greg Jones, 2009 LSL CA Board President, asked the following question:

Had the CLSLCM reviewed the LSLCA 10 year financial plan that the board approved and accompanied Wayne's annual letter to the membership and if so what were you in favor of it or opposed to it? 

We believe Mr. Jones was referring to the Financial Plan that was adopted by the BOD in 2011 and 2012.  Much of the plan including the reserves for (dredging, emergency, and assessment), and the priority on how CA dollars can be spent are now in the By-Laws.  In the election that approved these Bylaw changes, the membership voted for them by an average of 92% and that was only 1 year ago.  Its pretty clear to us that the membership and the Board are unified on this topic and we feel this is most important considering past history of some previous Boards. 

So far, the CLSLCM believes most of the membership is supportive of the financial plan and therefore we have no plans to challenge the plan as adopted by the BOD.  Additional questions about the specifics of the plan should be directed at the LSL CA Board of Directors.