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Written by Knauper, Chris   
Thursday, 01 March 2012 00:18

Dear Lake St Louis Community Association Members,

Today is a great day for the LSL CA that I believe deserves some level of reflection.

Way back in 2009, (seems so long ago now) the Board's massive development plan incorporating more than a 66% increase in your assessements was overwhelmingly defeated by 93% of the membership through your action.  With that vote, the CA members said in no uncertain terms where they did NOT want to CA to go.  Today, and in the 3 past Board member elections where you replaced incumbent Board members with qualified candidates by a 2/3 majority every time, you clearly said where you DO want the CA to go in the future.  Last year dredging operations were undertaken which had languished in committees for years, largely due to the personal agendas of a few individuals.  Already this year as a result of this Board's action, for the first time in 10 years there is real progress in the long range plan to improve Jefferson Point while staying within the budget you mandated through these bylaw changes.  Funds have been approved and phase 1 will commence later this year.  I believe this is only the beginning of what this Board will accomplish. 

Having been the President of the CLSLCM for most of its life, I can honestly tell you that there were times I didn't think the CA would have the kind of open, dedicated leadership we have today or anything resembling the bylaw changes approved by you earlier this week.  There were times we underestimated the determination and unscrupulous behavior of those trying to hold onto control.  But you too were underestimated.  The fact is that the efforts of the CLSLCM to bring you this election, hard as they were, would not have been successful without you. 

In the years ahead, I ask that you remember that this is YOUR CA, just as this is your country.  In the past 10 years, you have seen what happens when an active role is not taken in your CA.  The Board became so out of touch that it campaigned for massive changes that in the end, only 7% of the membership supported.  On the other hand in the past 2 1/2 years, you have seen how this situation can be totally turned around.  You removed every last one of the officials that didn't represent you and replaced them with new ones that were able to garner 92% of your support for permanent, lasting changes to our community.  That is a fantastic achievement!  Please keep this in mind in the years ahead as you consider how you can be involved in making sure your government works for you.  In closing, I'll simply say that this day was only possible because together we are ALL...

1 Community Association, 4000 Voices!

I hope to see you in July for our Annual Communication Meeting. 


Chris Knauper
CLSLCM President