2012 Bylaws Election Results!!! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 23:06

TWO AND A HALF YEARS ago, 2/3 the Lake St Louis Community Association members asked the Board of Directors through petition for a vote on important changes to our Bylaws.  The Board of that time responded with ignorance, delays, and ultimately a corrupt election designed to usurp your authority and unilaterally prevent any of your changes to the bylaws of the association.  It wasn’t easy but three Board elections, five Board Members and one 9 resident Bylaw Committee later, you finally had your chance to determine the course of the Community Association into the future. 

When finally given the chance, you spoke quite clearly as can be seen from the INCREDIBLE results below.   

1 1415 73 Member vote will be required to make changes to the By-Laws
2 1369 122 Delete Language granting board overly broad powers
3 1397 91 BODs will maintain and fund a Dredging Reserve
4 1321 167 BODs will maintain and fund a Emergency Reserve
5 1250 237 BODs will maintain and fund an Assessment Reserve
6 1308 172 Require the Board to allocate revenue to help ensure that adequate funding is available
7 1374 118 Require member vote to buy or lease real estate in excess of $250,000
8 1376 111 Require member vote to place a mortgage on CA properties
9 1336 154 Require member vote to spend in excess of $250,000 on a single project
10 1406 85 Require member vote to borrow in excess of $500,000
11 1400 90 Member vote required to perm change the use of amenities
12 1377 53 Eliminate the financial covenants of the 1985 resolution
TOTAL 16321 1471