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Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 00:00

Once again, the voice of the Lake St Louis Community Association residents has been heard loud and clear! 

Congratulations to Steve Brown and Tom Pollihan for a decisive victory in the Monday October 18, 2011 Lake St Louis Community Association election for the Board of Directors.  The following are the unofficial election results: 

Candidate Votes % Residents voting for candidate as one of their choices (*)
Steve Brown 1209 73%
Tom Pollihan 1096 66%
Pearson Buell 505 30%
Tracy Mongoven 465 29%
[Blank] 37 2%
(*) The correct way to read this is, for example, "Of the 1656 residents who voted, 73% of them voted for Steve Brown as one of their two choices for the Board."  Note that 37 of the 1656 residents who voted made only one selection for a candidate.  


For the third straight year by a 2 to 1 margin, the community has spoken decisively about the direction of their Community Association.  In addition, we are encouraged by the fact that 40% of the LSL CA's 3,952 ballots were returned.  We wish Steve and Tom all the best as they begin their new roles as LSL CA Board Members next month.  Their extensive background, experience, and sense of fairness are a great asset to the CA.

Thank you to all those who returned the 1656 ballots and demonstrated once again that we are...

1 Community Assocation, 4000 Voices!