What about candidates Buell & Mongoven? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Thursday, 08 September 2011 00:00

As you know, we support Steve Brown and Tom Pollihan in the 2011 LSL CA Board of Directors election.  But we've also been asked what we think of the other candidates in this election.  Here is our answer. 

The two other candidates who remain in this election, Pearson Buell and Tracy Mongoven, are long standing supporters of Mr. Greg Jones and will no doubt continue with the policies he believed in. As such, we are confident that they will oppose any meaningful effort to shift power away from the Board and back to the members. Why?  The positions they have already taken publicly speak loud and clear:

  1. Both candidates went ON RECORD in the December 19, 2009 edition of Newstime (available at the Newstime office) urging all CA members to vote against every single bylaw change proposed. If you will recall, the CLSLCM urged members to get educated on the issues and make their own decision. But with their support of this article, candidates Buell and Mongoven have went ON RECORD with the other signatories as having the following positions (2009 ballot text as submitted to the CA):
    • AGAINST election reform that would prevent the mailing of ballots before both sides of an issue are given the chance to communicate with members about the issues, and to mail impartial ballots not endorsing any particular position.
    • AGAINST requirement of public visibility and member input when rules are changed or variances are granted to certain rules.
    • AGAINST prohibiting the Board of Directors from amending the text of the Bylaws without a vote of the members in accordance with Missouri Law.
    • AGAINST limits on the Board to incur new debt without transparency or consent of the members.
    • AGAINST limits on purchase of Real Estate or Capital in excess of $500,000 (Edgewater Point) without a vote of the membership. (Contrary to propaganda, dredging would not have been included in this limit.)
    • AGAINST prohibiting the Board of Directors from purchasing real estate unless the purchase and a specific maximum cost was first approved by the members.
    • AGAINST following Missouri Law when determining whether the Board of Directors should be indemnified by its members. (This means they feel it should remain as it is now, where the Board can indemnify itself for virtually any transgression.)        
  2. According to the March 6, 2008 minutes of the Lake St Louis City Planning and Zoning Commission, "Alderman Buell made a motion to recommend approval to the Board of Aldermen for the Zoning Amendment for Edgewater Point Condominiums."  He helped start the Edgewater Point fiasco which triggered a public outcry and subsequent lawsuit against the city that only ended with the LSL CA paying the bill for the city's mistake by purchasing the property for the excessive amount of $750,000.  Mr. Buell's track record at reading the pulse of his constituents is apparently equivalent to his associate, Mr. Jones.  
  3. Mr. Buell was one of the several associates of Mr. Jones who showed up uninvited to our Picnic Planning meeting for 2009 BOD election campaign supporters on October 15, 2009 and angrily disrupted it, making clear his opposition to us and the Bylaws election in general even though 1/3 of the CA members had signed the petition causing it.  At this time, negotiations with the Board on the ballot text had just started and the Board had not yet hijacked the election with their own ballot.  The angry disruption at this meeting was an early unsuccessful attempt to intimidate us into backing down.

With these positions, goals, and long standing support of past CA Board President Greg Jones, we must adamantly oppose these candidates.