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Where Can I Find CLSLCM Supporters? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Thursday, 19 August 2010 00:00

The Concerned Members value and highly appreciate the wide range of support shown to us by the members of the Lake St Louis Community Association we strive to serve to the best of our ability.  The more people get involved in the CA, the better and more representative its government will become.  Click "Read More" below to learn where you can find CLSLCM Supporters. 

We've watched humbly as CA members from all different backgrounds have registered as CLSLCM Supporters on our site, showing their support for us and for our mission statement.  Our members and supporters have a wide range of interests represented in the LSL CA Clubs and Committees to which they belong.  We hope everyone who registers will continue to keep us up to date with their level of involvement.

CLSLCM exists to represent members of the CA.  We encourage involvement in not only its government but all of its clubs and activities.  While we do not claim or seek the endorsement of any particular club or group within the CA, we are open to and welcome support from every CA member regardless of these club or group affiliations, if any, and encourage support and involvement in all these activities. 

If you'd like to learn more about these clubs or any other clubs the Lake St Louis Community Association has to offer, then visit the CA's Committees & Club's contact page on the CA's website

Get involved!  Because its YOUR CA!