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Written by Knott, Jerry   
Thursday, 24 June 2010 18:03




The management team of the Concerned Lake St. Louis Community Members are in the process of creating a communication network including a website, phone service, online forum, an email list, and a mailing list.  All of this is being done to give the CA membership a way to let their wishes be known regarding the activities of their government. 

We have asked that community association members register as a supporter of the CLSLCM so that when the time comes we may help you not only speak but be heard by the Board. Many have registered but for the sake of the community we need more involved. 


     Ultimately you must decide if you are satisfied with the status quo and don’t care to have a say in how much of our money the CA Board is capable of spending.


1) When the Board spends another $750,000 of your money on another piece of property without your input, it will be too late.



2) When the Board continues to spend without sufficient oversight or limitation and force the necessity for an increase in your annual assessments by overspending reserves, it will be too late.


3) When the controlling interest of the Board is successful loading itself with directors who serve one special interest faction above others and ignore the overall wishes of its members, it will be too late.


4) When the Board once again puts one third of its members in the position where they must either sue themselves through the CA or accept the Board's open defiance of their wishes by rewriting, subverting, and manipulating another legally called member election, it will be too late.


     If you are not concerned then simply do nothing.  Unless enough people consistently say they’ve had enough, we feel this will all happen over and over again. But if you want to help us create lasting solutions to the problems, please join our communication network.  Register to become a CLSLCM supporter. Let us know how you feel. We will only take action on issues the CA membership clearly wants addressed.

    It is easy to register, costs nothing and doesn’t obligate you for anything.

    Go to our website at and click “Register Now!” Complete the registration form and submit.


How to contact the Concerned Lake St. Louis Community Members:

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Write:  CLSLCM, Inc.

 P.O. Box 1730

 Lake St. Louis, Mo. 63366